Winch Strap for Truck Bed Tie Down

By | April 19, 2011

My friend John is a truck driver, a few days ago he asked me for help, he needed winch strap for his flatbed hauling job, he needed the straps in urgent, and he couldn’t get them at truck stop because they were expensive, so he asked me to get some locally or online for cheap.

I did the research, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, I found a few online retailers who offered the straps at very competitive price, I made a few phone calls, in the end I bought the winch strap from Manufacturer Express, they offered low price plus free shipping. When John tried those winch straps, he loved them, and I felt happy for him. When the job was done, John didn’t take all the straps because he didn’t need all of them(I bought 2 boxes, 20 total), and we only opened one box, so we wanted to return the other box, I called in, the guy at the other end on the line just asked why we wanted to return the straps, then he gave a RMA number and sent us return shipping label, that was the service we are supposed to get! But how many times we got screwed by the big boys on the street?

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